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Sometimes people settle for poor appliance service because they don’t think they will find anything better. At Appliance Repair South Orange we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our outstanding customer service is highlighted by our commitment to same day care. We are devoted to providing quality results at affordable rates. Our certified technicians will come out to install or maintain any appliances in your home. In addition, we offer highly sought after appliance repair in South Orange, NJ. We provide our customers with the best possible service during the day, evening, on weekends and on holidays too. We are determined to provide the some 17,000 residents of this New Jersey Township with the ultimate service experience.Appliance Repair South Orange NJ

What We Can Do For You

South Orange Appliance Repair is well known for providing exceptional home appliance repair. We will service all major appliances in the home. In the laundry room we work on washers and dryers. With these units there are quite a few parts that can give out from general wear and tear. Belts are prone to breaking on both of these appliances and their motors can give out as well. We carry plenty of quality replacements in our van. Other possible issues with these units can include water pumps, heating elements, fuses and seals.

In the kitchen we specialize on refrigerators. On these units we often replace defective temperature controls, start relays, thermostats, or compressors. Seals and fans often need to be replaced as well. Our appliance repair service also includes replacing coils and heating elements on ovens and stoves or moisture sensors on dishwashers. On microwaves we replace fuses, door switches, capacitors and power diodes. Our appliance service technician provides these appliance repair options and so much more.

Every appliance technician on our staff is capable of providing a quick and accurate diagnosis that will lead to a quality solution to your problem. Do not settle for the first service provider you come across. Save time and money by contacting Appliance Repair South Orange and getting the superb same day service you deserve.

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