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Dryer Repair

Don’t you hate when you call an appliance service provider and they tell you it will take days before they can offer the service you need? At Appliance Repair Orange we don’t like to keep you waiting. We are committed to providing same day dryer service so that you get the assistance you need; when you need it. Of course there is always the possibility that you will not want us to come out the same day due to your hectic schedule. You may want us to come out at night, sometime on the weekend or on a holiday. We are very flexible with the scheduling of our washer and dryer repair service.Dryer Repair Orange

The Repair Experts

Our dryer repair experts are qualified to fix dryers of just about any major make or model. We service electric and gas units effectively. This appliance works hard; especially if overloaded. It is not unusual for belts to break or heating elements to burn out. We are properly prepared for these issues by storing a variety of these parts in our service truck. In addition to the parts mentioned we also carry motors, fuses and drum rollers. As a matter of fact, we stock everything we could possibly need to provide the highest standard of repair service. Combine this with our years of experience, industry knowledge and polished skills and you get results that are not easily equaled.

The Ultimate in Dryer Care

When we are not fixing dryers we are providing outstanding dryer installation or maintenance services. Our certified technicians have installed many of these appliances and they always do an exceptional job. We do not waste your time or money. Our specialists work hard to get the job done as quickly as possible.

If your home dryer is not functioning at peak efficiency get in touch with the friendly professionals at Orange Appliance Repair. We guarantee the most effective dryer repair in Orange, NJ.

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